Ski Patrol

Warner Canyon Ski Patrol

History: The Warner Canyon Ski Patrol has been actively patrolling the slopes at Warner Canyon almost as long as the area has been open.  The patrol started out as the ski safety and winter rescue arm of the non-profit Fremont Highlanders Ski Club.  The patrol first became chartered by the National Ski Patrol system during the 1952-53 ski season.  Since its very beginning it has consisted of volunteers interested in promoting winter sports safety.  This tradition continues today.

Mission and Support: There are currently about 20 members on our patrol.  Promoting safety on the slopes and providing first aid and rescue transportation are the highest priorities at Warner Canyon.

The non-profit organization is supported entirely by fundraising efforts. Most of the support comes from the proceeds of the annual barbeque dinner at the winter Snow Fest.  All donations are used for emergency equipment and supplies.

Interested in Joining?

Training Requirements: Do you think you have what it takes to be a patroller?  Each member must complete a basic first aid/CPR Training or Outdoor Emergency Care training or be a certified EMT, paramedic or medical professional.  Each patroller must complete first aid and CPR refreshers, toboggan handling, and lift evacuation training as part of the annual re-certification process.

For Additional Information: If you have questions about our patrol or are interested in joining, contact Cory Thornton at 541-408-5581.

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